About Me

A Little Bit About Me

Vineeta is a resident of Livingston for 21 years where she lives with  her husband of 26 years, Sandeep, and their two children. She single handedly conceptualized and executed the very first LPS Multicultural event in 2001 in Harrison Elementary School. This event is now celebrated in all the schools in Livingston. She has since volunteered at the PTA as a VP and as a PT Council Multicultural Committee Chair.

• Vineeta currently volunteers on Township Zoning Board, Open Space Committee, and Diversity & Inclusion Committee.
• As a talk show host of a very popular radio program for 16 years, Vineeta engaged listeners on social issues that led to several
appearances on WNYC & WHYY, NPR.

• Vineeta’s passion for personality development of her students, and for Public Speaking motivated her to start Orator Academy where she teaches students to communicate with confidence and conviction. She is focused on coaching youth and adults, helping them find their “voice” and thrive.

• Vineeta is very well traveled, speaks 3 languages, and has been exposed to numerous cultures via her work in hospitality, airline and
media industries. She is truly a Global Citizen who naturally connects with people from different communities.


Vineeta comes from a family of lifelong educators, her mother and all her aunts were teachers. Community Service is a way of life in her family as they also run a blind school in Delhi, and an institute where students live and learn the ancient Sanskrit language for free! 

• Both her children have gone through Livingston Public School system. Her daughter Shivangi received the Presidential award for academic excellence, Eisenhower award for leadership and community development skills, and was selected to attend the Girl State camp sponsored by American Legion. That led her to being selected as one of the two girls from NJ to attend Girl Nation and meet President Obama. Her son Vihan is an Eagle Scout from Troop 16 and is now all set to be the scoutmaster of his troop. Inspired by watching his mother on the radio, he has developed interest in the media world, and has single handedly hosted Visionaries Film Festival two years in a row.

• Vineeta is also engaged in managing multimillion dollar commercial real estate having responsibilities of budgeting, negotiating contracts and facilities management.

• Vineeta’s life journey has been that of a leader, an advocate of developing social skills, emotional resilience and relational
intelligence in our youth, and be the voice of the community. She connects. She inspires. She delivers.